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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Wendy Girl

This is Wendy. She has to work in Inuvik this week and as you can see by the picture she is very excited. Here are some facts about Inuvik:

• Inuvik is within the Arctic Circle, close to the Arctic Ocean
• today the sun rose at 10:51 am and set at 5:27 pm
• it was an unusually balmy -8°C today
• population: 3,500
• what to do there: not a whole lot

So despite the fact that you may not know Wendy from a hole in a wall (sorry, Wendy) please find it in your heart to say hello to her here and rescue her from a lonely evening of staring at the ceiling listening to the wind howl.


Anonymous Dickie Chick said...

Hi Wendy!!
I only know you because Colleen talks about you. All good things of course. She thinks you are just great and you smell nice too. It's nice to know ya.

7 February 2006 at 21:55  

any questions?

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