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The Pancake Chronicles: Jail House Rock

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Jail House Rock

A funny thing happened yesterday at work. I had just reopened the store after having locked it up so I could escape for a quick bathroom break. Now returned and in the store I thought I'd have a little lunch. I'd made a big smoothie (oh yum) at home to bring to work but upon my desire to partake of it I discovered I'd forgotten to bring a spoon. Darn it. I looked around to see if perhaps I'd left one in our office but realized that if I wanted to eat I would have to lock up the store again, dash down the hall to A&W, get a plastic utensil from them and dash back. Mostly I was just irked that I would have to lock up the store again and put up a return time sign again after just having done all that on my trip to the washroom. Plus the two doors of our store take a little work closing because they lock into the floor in both the closed and the open position which requires you crouching down at ground level with your keys. Fine. So out the time-consuming doors I went again. Grrr. As I surfaced after having locked the last of the two doors I had the peculiar feeling of standing directly face to face with an older gentlemen - on the inside of our store! I had locked in my customer! Of course I promptly unlocked the door so I could set him free. We had a good laugh and he said he didn't want to be freed just yet so I asked him if he would watch the store for two minutes whilst I ran for a spoon. He said he would and promised not to steal all our money which I thought was kind of him after having been so freshly imprisoned.

If this sort of thing continues we may have to institute the use of these.


Blogger Laurie said...

Oh my that was funny. I am still giggling.

14 May 2006 at 15:11  
Blogger The YKHerd said...

my first real chuckle of the day... ain't YK great when you can trust your customers with minding your store for you

15 May 2006 at 13:03  

any questions?

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