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Monday, May 29, 2006

my castle in the sky

It would help, I think, if this room were a study. It would have a big window and there would be light. Lots of it. On rainy days the window could push open and the sound of falling water would be enough to heal any ache, any sigh. On shine days I could see .... really see. There would be shelves over my desk with photos, art and plants in a jumble along it. A deep seat piled with cushions, scattered with dog-eared books. Something on which to fold my legs up underneath me whilst I stared at the rain, blue sky, clouds. Other windows high and stained for colour echos on the walls. There would have to be a place for all my books and all the books I wish to have. Art, books, light, water. Coffee rings on doodled paper. Old worn wood floor, thick furry carpet in the middle, things that creak, handmade, homemade, bubbles ready, blankets and mugs, a guitar hoping to be learned. Nothing shrill and clang. A still and growing place. A respite and a fresh battery. No shoes allowed.
I almost hurt to think of it. Wouldn't it be good?


Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

Sounds like heaven to me. I think you just wrote the blueprints for my workspace in my dreamhouse.

I knew there was a reason I liked you! ;-)

30 May 2006 at 00:51  
Blogger Kelly said...

Wow, Colleen, seriously - you've just described my living room to a tee! Well, at least the jumbled books and coffee rings. Okay, and worn wooden floor, creaky things, and unplayed guitar. I'm still working on the other stuff... Isn't it interesting how, to unbelievably artsy and creative people like us, comfort equals cozy clutter? Yeah, it's a helpful delusion. kiss xo

30 May 2006 at 08:16  
Blogger Colleen said...

Yup, T. Great minds think alike (and fools seldom differ but that part hardly matters). It would be heaven, wouldn't it? Minus the harps. ;) I like you, too. You never fail to encourage me and brighten my brooding brain. (eep! can you say alliteration?) Maybe I even love you, girl.

Kelly Belly! Thanks for coming by! From the sounds of your living room you just may see me on your doorstep any day now ... I will knock and push the door open and settle into the chaos quite cozily. Have you seen Yours, Mine and Ours? I thought of it when you said "cozy clutter". There is a beauty in it all - clean freaks and messy muffins attempting to live together. Ah sweet crazy love. Hmmm. It's this rambling thing I do.

30 May 2006 at 20:41  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

Okay, you out-mushied me. But only 'cause I didn't want to get too sappy in print. It's all there on the inside, screaming to come out through my fingers.

Love you too! (Alliteration and all!)

30 May 2006 at 23:14  
Blogger Margaret said...

I love windows that push open.

2 June 2006 at 15:43  
Blogger Monky said...

This sounds just about perfect. Add a cat or two crouching on the window sill watching the rain drops slide down the glass, and a fresh pot of tea and a cracked tea cup on a side table, and I'll happily spend a couple of millenia coming to visit you in this place in heaven.

Thanks for stopping by my blog - it almost feels like you're just walking past my place, peeking into my living room through a window (of course, you would also have to be 4 stories high, but that's not impossible in the realm of imagination).

13 June 2006 at 19:43  

any questions?

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