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Thursday, August 03, 2006


I pause between sips of cold coffee and take note of my lips staring back at me from the black lid of my styrofoam cup. A puckered shape that helps me envision myself drinking like an old woman.

A jackhammer wrinkles sound through the chair and trembles keys beneath my fingers like braille.

Tan lines are showing shamelessly. This linen skirt is rumpled and creased. There's only a hint of makeup on me which includes a disappearing mouth.

It's a good day.


Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

You make me smile.

3 August 2006 at 20:32  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

See, you can tell from my picture.

3 August 2006 at 20:32  
Blogger Monky said...

You continue to amaze and inspire me. I will never look at a lipstick mark, or listen to the noise of a jackhammer the same way again.

3 August 2006 at 22:10  
Anonymous MamaRoo said...

"gathering words".....what a picture!.....where do you find such neat quotes???.....YOU are the one who is adept at "gathering words".....fitting them together in unusual, creative, thought-provoking ways, and then brushing the canvas of my imagination with them......and you do it with flair!

Loving you always,

3 August 2006 at 23:19  
Anonymous Betsy said...

I want the mug! Starbucks?


3 August 2006 at 23:45  
Blogger Cheryl of the Wilds of C said...

How do people not get a tan line? Is that possible without professional help?

4 August 2006 at 00:36  
Blogger Colleen said...

T - you made me laugh. It's the two pictures side by side with the unaltering smile that did it. HA!

Monky - thank you. I am trying to, aiming towards, in the process of, etc. accepting your kind encouragements without reservation. Your words spoken into me are invaluable.

Mom - where do I find the quotes? For one, I try to remember books I love and I'll flip through them for something that pops. For two I often go to a quotes website that has thousands of quotables to choose from. This quote is from a children's picture book written in the 60's. As far as 'gathering words' goes ... a thesaurus was the greatest invention ever! What can I say? :) You are a HUGE part of why I keep sparring with words and not abandoning them completely when I don't know what to do with them. My sweet, creative, childlike, life-lovin' Mama. Love you.

Betsy - yeah I'd like to own this mug, too. It does look Starbucky, doesn't it? Unfortunately I possesseth it not. It is merely a picture I got off of Flickr. xo back!
(i can't wait to see your sis's wedding pics!)

Cheryl - I could tell you how not to get a tan line but it involves nudity and is therefore predisposed to a great deal of professional help.

4 August 2006 at 07:56  
Blogger Betsy77 said...

Ha Ha! Oh well maybe one day you will find a cool mug such as that one!!!!!!!!!
Its soooooooooo fun!

5 August 2006 at 22:18  
Blogger Colleen said...

Bets, we should check out the Starbucks webby ... maybe they have it!

7 August 2006 at 15:04  

any questions?

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