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Saturday, October 07, 2006

thankful, happy

I'm so thankful for you, Babe.
Happy 6 to you and I.


Blogger Koala Bear said...

Happy Anniversary!! That is a beautiful picture of you 2. Wishing you many many more happy years ahead!

7 October 2006 at 11:16  
Anonymous Jillian said...

Colleen, what a gorgeous picture! Where was it taken? Happy Anniversary!
Ok, now you HAVE to give us the story. It's now a tradition. :)

7 October 2006 at 13:04  
Blogger Rachel said...

Oh please please please tell us a story Auntie Colleen!
It's a beautiful photo! Happy Anniversary!

7 October 2006 at 16:24  
Blogger Dickie Chick said...

Happy Happy Anniversary!!!
I too love this photo! It is beautiful!! You are beautiful!!
Here's to many years of bliss ahead.

7 October 2006 at 17:11  
Blogger Kori said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Love the picture, looks like a beautiful sunny October day :)

May God Bless you with many more!

7 October 2006 at 18:19  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Oh Colleen, I've never seen your wedding photos! This one is gorgeous. Has it really been 6 years?

Happy Anniversary my dear friend.

7 October 2006 at 22:40  
Blogger Laurie said...

Congrats on 6 years it feels like only yesterday you guys got married and moved up here. It has gone buy so fast. I love the photo and wish you many more years to come.

7 October 2006 at 23:36  
Blogger Colleen said...

Thank you EVERYBODY. It was the most beautiful day of my life. I love this picture because I can see the deep and quiet happiness in us (click it to see it a bit bigger). I wanted to have our little story of how we met ready for my blog yesterday on our anniversary but alas, I have been as busy as can be as of late which is why I've only been posting pictures instead of writing which is my favourite thing to do. I WILL write something. I WANT to write about it. But it may be a week or two yet. And I'll put up more pictures, too.

Thank you for all your sweet words which warmed me right up full to overflowing. :)

Warm bloggily love to all of you.

8 October 2006 at 16:31  
Blogger Cindy said...

A belated anniversary congratulations! Tell us how you celebrated. (But not enough to make us blush!)

8 October 2006 at 20:24  
Anonymous Betsy said...

Beautiful Bride.... Lovely Setting... Handsome Groom....
GORGEOUS COUPLE - wink wink...

8 October 2006 at 23:22  
Blogger Ace said...

This photo makes me feel optimistic and ignites the dreamy romantic side of mine.

Thank you dear Colleen for that, and Congratulations!!

9 October 2006 at 07:17  
Blogger Colleen said...

Thanks Cindy! Well we celebrated our six years in a nice phonecall ... yup! He's away right now. So when he gets back we'll go to our FAVOURITE place for dinner. We have a great restaurant up here. A world class chef loves the north and decided to make this place his home. We get to benefit. I can't wait!

Betsy - thanks, sug! :)

Thank you, Acie! I'm glad it does that to you. It's strange ... you never know what an ordinary day may bring you. May you feel loved today.

9 October 2006 at 10:30  

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