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The Pancake Chronicles: a tree

The Pancake Chronicles

Sunday, June 03, 2007

a tree



Blogger Sonya said...


3 June 2007 at 07:19  
Anonymous Captain Mama said...

Such a beautiful drawing! Where did you find such an amazing thing?

4 June 2007 at 13:09  
Anonymous Cheryl said...

Did you draw that, Colleen? It's really beautiful.

5 June 2007 at 00:53  
Blogger Colleen said...

S, CM, C - Thank you, guys! And yup, I drew it. My heart felt all purdy within and that's what came out. :)

5 June 2007 at 06:12  
Blogger Dickie Chick said...

Beautiful drawing Colleen! You are truly amazing!

5 June 2007 at 09:58  
Blogger Colleen said...

Thank you Shari, my ever friend.

5 June 2007 at 23:38  
Blogger villagegirl said...

WHA!!! You drew that!?!? I am amazed and full of wonder! You could sell that. I'd buy it. Thanks for sharing that with us!

6 June 2007 at 13:44  
Blogger Koala Bear said...

You are so talented! Seriously!

6 June 2007 at 21:18  
Blogger Colleen said...

Hi Jillian - Thanks, girl! You make me smile and laugh at the same time. (Hmmm ... have you ever tried laughing without smiling? Quite odd ....)

Moni - Thank you. I am very serious, too. :| See?

7 June 2007 at 11:10  

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