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The Pancake Chronicles: O Beaver, Where Art Thou?

The Pancake Chronicles

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

O Beaver, Where Art Thou?

I headed back out to Beaver Pond again, this time with Mark because he wanted to see him, too. I think we came a little early. The night before the sun had just set and out came Beav. But together we stood, paced, stared, swatted a few bugs, no Beav.
Beaver? Beav? Beav-o?


Blogger Ace said...

You need a BPS.
Beaver Positioning System.

Or try a BeavNav

3 August 2007 at 00:09  
Blogger Colleen said...

BeavNav! Ha! That's good.

3 August 2007 at 09:42  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

How disappointing.

Great photos, though.

3 August 2007 at 09:50  
Blogger Cindy said...

Beautiful pictures, Colleen.

(I'm trying to add you to Facebook friends, but can't find you to invite. I'm on Cheryl's friend list. Help!)

3 August 2007 at 11:50  
Anonymous Captain Mama said...

I found you from Inuvik:)

I too, love the BeavNav!!! Sorry they didn't teach us anything at nav school about wildlife, other than avoid it!

3 August 2007 at 21:49  
Blogger Colleen said...

Thanks, T and C! And Cindy - I've befacebooked you. :)

Kelly! All the way from the REAL north. What's it like up there? Are you avoiding the polar bears whilst I'm being spurned by beavers?

4 August 2007 at 13:15  
Anonymous Captain Mama said...

I'm only in INUVIK, dost that count???!!! One of the Observation Posts has had 2 bears in camp already but its the Canadian Rangers, I have only fears for the bears should they want to start a fight they can't finish!!

Has the beaver appeared yet???

5 August 2007 at 19:51  
Blogger Colleen said...

No more beavs, not yet anyway. But I haven't been back out again to see. I hope your bears stay clear of any trigger-happy Rangers!

6 August 2007 at 21:21  

any questions?

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