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Saturday, September 01, 2007


I had a lousy sleep last night. And I wish I could jump back into bed and let fuzz and felt take over my mind, dragging me to dreams ... but my brain is rattling. Flitting really. Not landing on anything for more than three seconds strung together. I miss Mark. He's with his family over a thousand kilmeters away and it's just the way it happened that his time off and mine did not coincide. I'm not usually like this - all "missy-poo" and "lonely-glum". I'm generally content with four walls and a book, something hot to keep a happy mug. But not today, not now. I feel alone and even sleep won't hang out with me. I keep thinking I should put it behind me, pour a cup of extra-black and get on with the day but ... I can't! I'm still rooting for the night, darn it. There's no nobility in letting go if you don't have to. Practice makes perfect, right? If at first you don't succeed try, try again.

Okay The Girl Who Went to Bed - Part II. I love a good sequel.



Blogger Mindy said...

I wish I lived closer. I'd come hang out with you.

1 September 2007 at 11:27  
Anonymous Captain Cat said...

Hey, so sorry you had a bad night. I know that feeling of having been robbed of sleep. The exhaustion from not sleeping is so debilitating and annoying. I always feel as though I have needles in my eyes when I haven't slept. When I have sleepless nights, the next day is usually a write-off for me. But look, it's Saturday and this should be a chilling out day (not sure what you do, so maybe you work on Saturdays). My advice is that later on this afternoon / early evening you run yourself a hot bath and put some nice oils in it, light some candles, switch the lights off and soak for ages (don't drown though) - then watch some tv or read until you feel sleepy (provided you didn't drown earlier in the bath). Have you heard of Bach Herbal Remedy (or Rescue Remedy as it's known?) It is fantastic and I swear by it. Lavender oil is also excellent. Some herbal tea would also be good. Or failing all of the above, just drink half a bottle of vodka, that should do the trick (only kidding) (although it would) (I am not suggesting you do though).

Looking forward to the next installment: "The girl who had a nice hot bath, then slept like a babe all through the night".

Is that your cat by the way? It's adorable. I have a bit of an obsession with cats. It's not an unhealthy obsession, I just adore cats. I'm a big dog fan too.

1 September 2007 at 13:30  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

I Heart You, Colleen.

I know how it is to feel all lonely and blue, and no one is calling or talking or being with you.

So, I'm going to change that. Right. Now.

1 September 2007 at 13:41  
Blogger Sonya said...

I hear ya, girlfriend. I've had many sleepless nights lately, although I'm not sure why. My hubby's about to depart on an adventure without me and I anticipate many more sleepless nights while he's away. I like Captain Cat's warm bath idea, though. I'll definitely be giving that a try. And maybe the vodka too, although I'm more of rum girl. ;)

1 September 2007 at 13:58  
Blogger emilyruth said...

i am just that way when brian is gone...& i fall asleep really late because i stayed up as long as i could because i know that if i go to bed i will just hear every noise & not get to sleep anyway & then i fall asleep at 3am but THEN i don't even get to sleep-in because my two little elves think that they need breakfast & dry bottoms at 7 am! crazy kids!...sorry, not at all helpful but i do understand....& i certainly hope that you get to take a bath & have yummy scents & a lovely alcoholic drink...but i echo captian cat in the advice to not drwon...very good advice indeed:)

1 September 2007 at 14:55  
Blogger Tips Of All Sorts said...

Wish I could cheer you up, my friend! Hope you'll find a good distraction to make it easier.

2 September 2007 at 11:10  
Blogger Colleen said...

Mindy - you ended up coming over after all. Thank you! I love that I know your voice now, if even just a little. I hope to know it more cuz ... I just do.

Cat - thankfully I did have the day to do absolutely nothing which is mostly what I did. I went back to bed and slept for three more hours, and had the strangest dream involving ... well never mind. I was thrilled reading your suggestions (I never seem to remember these things when I need them so I was grateful) but then went ahead and shocked myself by not doing any of them! As I re-read your comment today I've determined that today (Sunday) I will soak in bubbles, have a glass of red, maybe walk to the video store and rent a season of something, but not in that order. Perhaps chocolate should make an appearance, I'm not sure. Thank you.
And tis not my cat. I just found the picture on flickr with kudos to 1of@kind. I have friends who are terribly allergic so I've had to refrain from succumbing to a snowy ball of cat - especially since I like my friends so well.

T - Can you feel the heart? Thanks, You. Gratitude is the theme song today. It was good to hear your voice and to be warmed by how close a far away person can actually be. ♡ I admire how you do what you think of. And you did encourage me.

Hey Son! It is kinda torturous when you can't sleep, isn't it? I like to think I'm a nice person but all it takes is hunger, lack of zzzz or cold and I'm grumpy like *snap*. Where's your hubby off to?

emilyruth - i can't BELIEVE your elves want to be fed - there oughta be a law. ;) yes, i hear every noise, too - i awake if the next door dog barks ... or breathes. and your understanding is helpful, that's a fact. i will soak, i will not drown, i will sip something and think of how swell it is that i have friends about the globe who know i'm in a tub somewhere and yet how i'm somehow not creeped out by it. ha!

Thank you, Clara - but you see I have been cheered! It was amazing how just the encouragement from you all greased the wheels of a struggling day.

2 September 2007 at 13:03  
Blogger villagegirl said...

Oh drat how I hate not having a decent night of sleep. I'm sorry to hear it. I concur with the hot bath and the vodka, although I've only ever had experience with the bath. Undoubtedly the vodka would do the trick as well. You could try some hot chocolate with something zippy tossed in too. :) makes me sound like a woman of the world no? LOL!
I really do hope lovely sleep comes back to you soon.

2 September 2007 at 19:40  
Blogger Colleen said...

Thanks, Jillian, you worldly girl. =D Chocolate zippy, I'm intrigued. What are you thinking of? Any secret recipes? So far tonight I've watched a chick flick, had a glass of red and a Skor bar in no particular order. I think I'll have to save the hot bath for tomorrow. It's getting late but ... hmmm maybe still. It's hard to resist bubbles.

3 September 2007 at 00:15  
Blogger villagegirl said...

Alas, no real secret recipes. A dash of amarretto (too many letters??) or peppermint schnapps might be nice. :) But we're back to alchohol aren't we.
I am SUCH a lush. :)

4 September 2007 at 23:07  
Blogger Colleen said...

HA! Jillian, you are funny and sweet and I SO can't picture you as a lush. Well, I can picture it I guess but I just can't see it as reality. :D Oh and I like peppermint. Not a real hot chocolate fan but schnapps might change my mind. ;) Actually I do like homemade cocoa very much .... I'm rambling. Have you noticed?

5 September 2007 at 08:54  

any questions?

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