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The Pancake Chronicles

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

more photos of PIE PEI

This is the East Point Lighthouse.
It was built in 1867 - the same year Canada became a country.
It's only open in the summer so unfortunately we couldn't go inside.

But we did go inside the cottage where they sell knick knacks
and, more importantly, batteries.
My camera sucks up batteries like air.

east point shop window

This vista is to the left of the cottage.

This view is to the right.
Red rock and sand!
I'm definitely in PEI.

(Still more of East Point to come ....)


Blogger Ace said...

Very nice. Glad you had good weather!!

17 October 2007 at 15:30  
Blogger emilyruth said...

i am loving all of your pictures! thank you for sharing...

17 October 2007 at 16:42  
Blogger Sonya said...

Oooh...I want one of those mobile thingamajigs! So pretty!

17 October 2007 at 23:54  
Blogger Nan - said...

I just found you via a comment you left on 3191. I loved the name of the blog so I came over to visit. I love it here!

PEI is my favorite place on earth. I've never seen such beauty. And we were simply amazed at how such gorgeous beaches were deserted. I hope it is still the same. We haven't been in a long, long time. From your photos, it looks like it is still lovely. I'll be spending a lot of time roaming around your wonderful blog.

2 November 2007 at 07:04  

any questions?

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