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Thursday, November 29, 2007

out on the lake

      Feeling a little groggy right now. There's the hint of a cold or a 'something' coming on. Just little aches and a funny throat and all that jazz. Overall I don't get sick too often, really only about once a year, so maybe this is it.
      I went out with a couple of friends this afternoon. We bundled up and walked out on Back Bay of Great Slave Lake. The lake is frozen out about the edges and is safe to walk on. There were skidoo tracks and paw prints everywhere so we added our boot marks to the mix. But man! was it windy. We felt it at our backs as we first set out and realised it was going to be extra nasty on the return so we decided to head home right away and get it over with. Being on the lake and in the open means you're a prime candidate for the Wind to try any of its new moves on you or brush up on any of its' old ones. It was bitter. I had my earmuffs around my chin, my hood up and tight around my face, sluffing quickly forward in my snowpants which, by the way, I love. The snowpants that is. And it's not because they look cool or are any special brand or have glow-in-the-dark powers or a built-in Swiss army knife because they don't and aren't and don't have. I just love them. I love the swiff of every step. I feel like I can go crazy in them and do things plain old pants won't let me do. (You mean old authoritative plain old pants you.) Such as rolling in the snow and ... nope that's it really, just rolling in the snow. By the time we got back my big toe was nicely frozen and limber phalanges were but a distant memory.
      Thank goodness for hot chocolate.
ice shard hat

out on the lake


Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

I like snowpants, too. Wearing them means that at least my derrière will be warm when I return to a heated interior, even if my toes are frozen.

29 November 2007 at 22:11  
Anonymous Captain Cat said...

I KNOW exactly what you mean about the snow pants. You feel sort of invincible don't you. When I go skiing and have all the right gear on (hat, orange-tinted goggles, gloves, snow pants, thermals etc etc) I feel as though I could be stuck out in a snow storm and that would be ok. Sometimes I smile to myself as I'm skiing, because the insulation is so ridiculously effective (except when it's not, and your toes fall off). Anyway, again your way with words manages to convey so beautifully everything you're feeling and doing, I could almost hear your snow pants swishing as you crunched your way along the lake, the wind wooshing at you. So sorry you're feeling a little under the weather. This bug seems to be making its way across the globe. Hope you feel a lot better soon.

30 November 2007 at 10:09  
Blogger Sonya said...

I found myself wishing for snowpants today when my husband dragged me on a cold trek through the woods. I'm glad that you had some to keep you warm.

Hope you're feeling A-OK real soon!

30 November 2007 at 22:23  
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