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The Pancake Chronicles: owl be back

The Pancake Chronicles

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

owl be back

Hello, friends.
I haven't gone anywhere, don't worry.
Were you worried?
I've had a quiet yet busy week so,
in the meantime,
I just thought I'd introduce you to a water-logged owl.

Isn't he the best? Lauren Alane makes and sells these from her
Etsy Shop. Her husband does most of the photography. She has some new Christmas things coming out this weekend I believe. Sweet, whimsy, fairy. I love it!


Blogger Felicia said...

He's adorable!

7 November 2007 at 03:52  
Blogger Sonya said...

What a sweet little owl. I love his little umbrella.

And just for the record, I WAS wondering where you were. Although not really worried. I just thought that you had perhaps headed for a warmer climate and not told us so as to not make us jealous. :)

7 November 2007 at 08:48  
Blogger Donna Boucher said...

I like him! Too cute!

7 November 2007 at 16:05  
Anonymous Captain Cat said...

Absolutely adorable.

So happy you're back, yaaayyy!

I left you a comment on mine, but basically just in response to what you said, I totally agree about writing to reveal and not to expose. Such a good thing to bear in mind.

Things must be frosting up where you are. Would love to see some more photos if you have any. Hope all is going well. xxx

7 November 2007 at 21:28  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

Well, I was beginning to wonder.

Thanks for coming back, and bringing owls with you. Next time, send an owl before we start worrying, okay? Don't know if that little guy could make the trip all the way from you to me, though. Especially not in this weather.

Better use the public post ones.

7 November 2007 at 22:28  

any questions?

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