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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

proof against it

      It's -45°C. I apologise for the constant updates but I find I can't resist. I mean -45°C!!! We decided to go for that walk after all on Saturday night and it wasn't that bad! No, I'm serious. I was so bundled up (evidenced by photo below) that the only thing which didn't feel so well were my eyeballs and a little patch of my forehead. I would take a flat -50°C with no wind any day over -36°C, or whatever it was, with a gusty wind chill of -50°C. Wind at low temperatures is more miserable than Miserable ever thought it could be but a dead calm is tolerable. The walk was a very short one and straight into the wind to start. Two minutes into it Mark had to place his warm thumbs over my eyelids for a few seconds to revive them a little. We trudged past a friend's house, saw that the light was on (although it was 10:45 pm) and thought we'd stop by. We ended up playing Ticket to Ride and chatting until after midnight. Twas nice.

      “Many human beings say that they enjoy the winter, but what they really enjoy is feeling proof against it. For them there is no winter food problem. They have fires and warm clothes. The winter cannot hurt them and therefore increases their sense of cleverness and security. For birds and animals, as for poor men, winter is another matter.”

- from Watership Down by Richard Adams


Blogger Monika said...

I'm glad you stopped by, it was fun! Those unexpected visits like that are the best!

30 January 2008 at 17:46  
Blogger Rachel said...

I am embarrassed that last night I was moaning about walking in -6C degree weather.
It appears I am quite the baby!!!

30 January 2008 at 21:25  
Blogger Nan said...

What a great photo, and great idea for a posting. Honestly, there are a lot of people out there sans winter who must really appreciate seeing the 'reality.' From some of the other photos, it appears that your neck of the woods is very flat. Is that right? Does that make it colder because the wind whips across? Ah, talking winter. What a good February activity. :<)

8 February 2008 at 13:23  

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