The Pancake Chronicles

The Pancake Chronicles: brackets, bad grammar, etcetera

The Pancake Chronicles

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

brackets, bad grammar, etcetera

      Hello! I wanted to tell you that I am off and about these days so I have pre-posted photos for thee all (or as I like to say - th'all -I'm sure that's what they used to say in the ancient south. Any verifiers?) o'er the next bit o' time. (I'm really enjoying throwing apostrophes into words I ne'er use. Okay, I use words like over, of and never all the time but I couldn't think of another unnecessarily apostrophised word except ne'er. Sue me.) (Also, I'm enjoying making good [read: bad] use of the bra(ket.) (I wouldn't have to tell you that I'm pre-posting and could just lead you to believe that I am experiencing light-filled wintry days one right after the other but I could never live with myself knowing it to be ... otherwise. Scratch that. I could live with myself but it would be a miserable existence. A life of LIES.)
      All that to say, see ya in a fortnight!


© Colleen Hilman


Blogger Grafxgurl said...

oo'ooh!! ha've fun!! e'at lots!! and po'st som'e p'ics of y'our t'rip!!! lo've you t'oo!

26 November 2008 at 08:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WHERE??? do you live?

You have been on an extraordinary amount of holidays this year and I envy you!!! Hope you have a great time, safe travels, package in the mail for you, maybe next week since you'll be gone.

Love Kel

26 November 2008 at 20:27  
Blogger Sonya said...

Have fun, my friend. :)

27 November 2008 at 08:23  

any questions?

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