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The Pancake Chronicles

Monday, February 02, 2009

our truck

the long drive home © Colleen Hilman
      One of the first things we did this year was buy a truck. Our truck. We love it. It suits us. It suits Mark. Often while we're driving he'll sigh and say "I love my truck." I love it, too. It does the things that all good trucks do. It lets you lug stuff and haul stuff and throw stuff and stuff stuff. And bonus for me? heated seats. HEATED SEATS, people! At -40°C your reverse will thank you for this sweet kindness.


Blogger richies said...

I love the heated seats in our Mini. Even though it doesn't get that cold here it's great when you get into a cold car. My wife finds it very amusing to secretly turn my heated seat on in the Summer. How many times can that be funny?

An Arkie's Musings

2 February 2009 at 06:32  
Blogger Dickie Chick said...

Oooo a truck!! Welcome to the world of trucks! We love our truck too!

2 February 2009 at 06:56  
Blogger arminda said...

Yes yes we have heated seats too in my car...sweet delight indeed.

2 February 2009 at 07:58  
Blogger Rachel said...

Heated seats are dreamy. I heart mine.

2 February 2009 at 10:01  
Blogger Sonya said...

Sweet truck!

2 February 2009 at 12:10  
Blogger Mindy said...

Can you turn that camera a little to the left please?? PLEASE???? PRETTY PLEEEEEEEEEEASE???!

2 February 2009 at 13:31  
Blogger Koala Bear said...

Nice truck!! Cool picture, too. What kind is it?

2 February 2009 at 22:29  
Blogger Nan said...

Great shot! A truck is such a necessity.

4 February 2009 at 06:56  
Blogger Les said...

My Mini has heated seats, too. I luv 'em!!! Don't know how I lived without them in Nebraska.

We've had several trucks over the years. Usually Ford Rangers. My hubby loves old vehicles, though, and at one time bought an old Ford Bronco. Pretty cool although hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter.

Nice sunset, by the way! Or is it a sunrise...

4 February 2009 at 19:54  
Blogger villagegirl said...

Very nice! Oh the seats sound scrumptious! I'm sure your bottom thanks you. :)

5 February 2009 at 22:30  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

I never understood the appeal of heated seats until we got leather. Now, I totally get it.

6 February 2009 at 09:23  

any questions?

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