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The Pancake Chronicles: summer toes

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Friday, July 03, 2009

summer toes

© Colleen Hilman

      Tip-top breezy leaves, pre-paper shuffling through the evening's loop and oopsa daisy. It's after supper, sun still hot and high. My feet throb from a steady diet of bare feet and flip-flops, the pain of which is made up for in wearing skirts day without end. I hear ... warm tires spooling asphalt, the bass of a good stereo in a cheap car, squawky birds too tired for sleep, kids yelling yards into grass stains, dishes to dishwashers, dust to dust. Chip-polish toes, ice cubes have melted, Anne of Avonlea, sticky knee and elbow crooks, oh the laundry can wait.

© Colleen Hilman


Blogger Sonya said...

Summer toes are the best of all the toes. Especially when they're burrowing into soft warm sand or inching their way into pools of cool water.

3 July 2009 at 08:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay for Anne of Avonlea!!!

The girl's chins fill out day by day :) Can't wait to post some pictures!!!

Miss you,


3 July 2009 at 17:02  
Anonymous gardenmama said...

gorgeous, love this!

21 July 2009 at 19:33  

any questions?

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