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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Have a Turtle

written by Kathy Bing and illustrated by R.J. Davidson

      There was something about this little book that wriggled its way into my child-heart while I was growing up and it never wriggled back out.

      It's about a boy who has a turtle hiding under his bed. The whole world is oblivious to the fact he exists! But ohhhh if they knew!

      I love that he likes his secret and that it's SO great he has to tell at least one person ...

      ... me.


Blogger Sonya said...

I have never heard of this book before, but it looks like a really cute story.

14 October 2009 at 08:40  
Blogger Dickie Chick said...

I love it! I have never heard of the book either, but I sure do love the illustrations!

14 October 2009 at 10:07  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

Such a cute story! I love the vintage-y illustrations and colours. Awesome.

14 October 2009 at 14:20  
Anonymous Captain Cat said...

Am I the only one disturbed by the fact that this poor turtle is being kept in a small box under this boy's bed with no fresh air, water or food?

Very sweet. I still think you should be writing children's books.

15 October 2009 at 01:24  
Blogger Colleen said...

Ha! You know I never even thought of it! I loved that you wrote this because its exactly why I love you. Exactly. And if you need any reassurance I'd like to think that in reality I'd be demanding a more teranium-like setting - holes in the lid! grass! put some rocks in there! followed by it's time to let him go, darling ... re:kids books - it needs to be revived in me for I lost the joy of it along the way. If you see it let me know? xo

15 October 2009 at 10:15  
Anonymous Tiffany said...

Colleen! I have heard for a while now that I should find your blog and take a look at your photos... I finally did today (procrastinate much?) and I'm kicking myself for not seeking you out before. I clicked through a couple things and found some fun sassy roosters from a while back... great stuff. It's been a while since May when we did our first cousins' brunch (wasn't that going to be a monthly even??) but I'd love to get in touch. How would one send you an email?

15 October 2009 at 13:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So cute Colleeny, just like you!


15 October 2009 at 23:22  
Blogger Colleen said...

Tiffany! Hello! I'm glad you found me here! But really, who could resist the sassy rooster? :) You can e-mail me at bugwrit[at]yahoo[dot]ca. I can't remember what we'd decided about a monthly brunch but it sounds like one of those things I'd thoroughly support. I'm all about bacon and eggs. :) Oh yes, and cousins. :) (The dreaded colon/parenthesis smile - there is no alternative.)
I'd love to hear how you're doing and get caught up - it's been six months already - crazy!

16 October 2009 at 11:05  

any questions?

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