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Wednesday, December 01, 2010


© Colleen Hilman
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas.  Oh look! 

© Colleen Hilman
My dream came true.  Wait.  This is no dream.  This is my life.  Seven months of the year this is my life!  A dream would be a green Christmas ... which is about to happen!  Because today, I Colleen (as opposed to aye carumba), am pulling out ye' old Christmas greenery finery and will resplenderate my house from the highest mountain to the lowest valley so that all of December shall be bathed in the glow of holiday joy.  It is a very good time for this to happen because, quite frankly, Christmas doesn't always feel joyful and the simple work of twinkly lights will go a long way in my heart.  I want it to feel joyful but I'm a saver not a spender, and it's hard for me to be generous and it's hard for me to receive, too because I'm picky and I don't have room for anything (p.s. I have room for jewellery).  Christmas seems to reveal the heart, doesn't it?  Greedy or stingy or fussy or lonely or needy or wanting or all of the above.  It's good for me to see myself.  And a baby giving up everything beautiful to show love.  So I shall put up the greenery and hope the thaw makes it all the way to my insides!


Blogger Sonya said...

It is hard for me to imagine you as a Grinch. In fact, I won't believe it until I see it with my own two eyes. There is just too much good and kindness in you for it to be true. But I hope your greenery cheers you and makes this the most magical Christmas ever.

1 December 2010 at 05:20  
Blogger Rachel said...

Love your honesty! I love Christmas for it's Biblical meanings but for the other trappings....well, it can make me quite exasperated.

1 December 2010 at 14:57  
Blogger villagegirl said...

Again...I love this post, and I love your honesty!
I really can't believe you are remotely Grinch-like. But I do understand the picky part.
My recommendation? Get some BoneyM blasting. I garauntee it'll kick things up a notch. or maybe 2. :)
I do hope your twinkly greenery will spark a little joy in you.

1 December 2010 at 17:12  

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