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The Pancake Chronicles: first attempt!

The Pancake Chronicles

Monday, February 07, 2011

first attempt!

© Colleen Hilman
Yellowknife has northern lights dancing overhead most nights of the year but the cold or clouds or the light (in the summer) or the lateness of the hour or a combination of these things have kept me from seeing them for quite some time.

© Colleen Hilman
Saturday night the sky was absolutely consumed with aurora.  I've never taken photos of the lights before.  There's a bit of an art to it and when you look at photos like these to inspire you it can be overwhelming to begin.  By the time I got my camera set up they had faded considerably.

© Colleen Hilman
And how does one focus in the dark?  This is my biggest dilemma.

© Colleen Hilman
No, seriously.

© Colleen Hilman
With an apartment view like this who needs a mansion?


Anonymous splendid said...

oh colleen
thanks so much
living in the middle like i do
these are really still a dream
that i have not seen yet!
thank you for providing some
great day dreams today!

7 February 2011 at 07:20  
Blogger Unknown said...

I know that if I lived up north I'd be outside at night every chance I got to watch the Northern Lights. Every once in awhile we get some here and it's one of the greatest thrills of my life to take in their beauty.

7 February 2011 at 09:44  
Anonymous Susan said...

colleen, thank you so much for these pictures! i grew up in northern bc and miss seeing this amazing bit of nature so much! i have always wanted to show my daughter... here is a great start until she can see it with her own eyes. thank you for capturing their beauty... amazing pictures! again!

7 February 2011 at 10:28  
Blogger Ada said...

It's like you live on a another planet.

7 February 2011 at 10:47  
Blogger Nan said...

I think they came out great! It's been a while since I've seen them, but I know it is usually in the freezing cold. :<)

7 February 2011 at 11:30  
Blogger Dickie Chick said...

I miss you! Can I come for a visit to see you and those magnificant lights?

7 February 2011 at 14:02  
Blogger Richard Lawry said...

Awesome! I've always wanted to see the Northern Lights. Thanks for sharing the photos.

An Arkies Musings

7 February 2011 at 21:04  
Blogger villagegirl said...

Oh my! How lovely! I've only ever seen them once in my life and I'll never forget it! Stunning!

8 February 2011 at 08:19  
Blogger the mama said...

Gorgeous! :) They are seen down here once in a blue moon. I have seen them once and I was speechless.:) As for focusing in the dark, it is pretty tricky but I have found if you set your focus on something a bit closer like the silhouette of a tree or mountain in the distance and keep the focus locked, then you can point the camera up to the sky and shoot. It takes practice and it may never come out tack sharp but it's still beautiful! I photograph star trails in the summer months and this is the method I use. :) Hope that helps!

9 February 2011 at 11:58  
Blogger Colleen said...

Hi Arminda! And thank you! The funny thing is I was focusing on the tree right in front of me! My night vision is not so hot and I had to keep refocusing by guess and by golly. I've considered figuring out my focus settings by day so that when the northern lights show up again I'll be ready by rote. Part of the other problem is that it is SO cold while I'm taking photos (it was -27C/-17F that night) that I am rushing to keep my hands from freezing. I would LOVE to see your star trail photographs! Those must be gorgeous!

9 February 2011 at 12:29  
Blogger the mama said...

Oooh that's a great idea. :) And brrr I'm such wuss when it comes to the cold haha. :) And some of my star trails pictures are on my Facebook but apparently I took them during my "break" from blogging last summer so they are not on there. But I will get them up. :) Nothing fancy though. My best pictures were taken some years ago with a film SLR. Remember film? ;)

10 February 2011 at 08:22  
Blogger Susan Moorhead said...

That must be one of the most magical sights to see in person - and you captured it so well on film! I am so glad I stumbled across your blog :)

15 February 2011 at 21:35  
Blogger Colleen said...

Thank you, Susan! It truly is amazing - I hope you have the chance to see them some day. And I'm so glad you stumbled over here, too! :)

16 February 2011 at 00:18  

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