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The Pancake Chronicles: the power of bun

The Pancake Chronicles

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

the power of bun

T uesday I went to a new cafe, a mere one and a half minute stroll from my house. I've been wanting to insert myself there into a chair with a book and a coffee ever since I first saw it. Instead of bringing a book, however, I joined three other girls (even better!) - one I know, one I know somewhat and one I just met that morning. We plunked in front of a candle fireplace with lattes and coffees and the most delicious fresh cinnamon buns I can remember having outside of home. The company was comfortable and fun, the coffee fine and dandy.
      We parted ways smiling but by mid-afternoon that bun was still with me, filling my tummy, giving me strength, encouraging me onward and upward to a better life! Amazing what one little bun can do if you only give it half a chance in this world. I have an inclination to believe it wasn't your average roll either because, to my great joy, I found haphazzard raisins scattered contentedly o'er sweet frosting in the shape of a smiley face. Some of you will know I see these faces everywhere. I must use italics! (Friends of yore, back me up on this one!) Of course I see winky, pacman and grumpy faces as well but it is the smiley face that reigns supreme.
      Mark recently suggested to me that I begin taking photos of all these faces I see, not just the occasional
fruit smoothie or snowman. Alas! I had no camera with me at the cafe so you will never know the bun like I knew the bun and, believe me, that is your loss as far as I am concerned because he was meant to be known by the world.

© Colleen Hilman
      In its place here is a pleased-as-punch pancake that was et by me earlier this week. I was sad to see him go but he seemed ... happy.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you and your smiles...

3 February 2010 at 13:40  
Blogger Erin said...

I love how you find smiley faces! I think you should take pics of them all and then publish a book - I'd buy it.

3 February 2010 at 18:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with Erin, I'd buy the book too. I love your God blessed talent of seeing these beautiful smiles in everything! This pancake has made my day :)



3 February 2010 at 20:43  
Blogger villagegirl said...

Oh that book is a fantastic idea! I'd buy it too!
You just can't beat a happy face. :)

3 February 2010 at 22:00  
Blogger Sonya said...

I love that you see smiley faces in things. Somehow that's just so YOU!

4 February 2010 at 09:56  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...


Thank you.

4 February 2010 at 19:59  
Blogger Colleen said...

Thanks, peepsies! (Eep. I'm not sure I'll say peepsies again...) I have to say that sometimes my brain gets tired of seeing faces. But my brain is my brain and it's "love it or leave it" and leaving my brain doesn't seem to be a healthy option. :)

5 February 2010 at 23:29  

any questions?

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