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Monday, July 26, 2010

about the place

© Colleen Hilman
We have lived in a hotel for five weeks now. It's not as bad as it sounds. The place we are in is an apartment building that has been converted into hotel space so the rooms come with full kitchens, living rooms, etc. Imagine your first apartment. It's like that. Only with hotel furniture, hotel pictures, hotel coffee, hotel colours. So not as cool as your first apartment but about the size of it. And they “clean” it every day. All that to say that we are doing just fine here but are likely dying a slow death by burgundy and forest green.

© Colleen Hilman
In about a week we will be moving into our apartment which, I might add, I have never seen the inside of. Have you ever had to do that before? It's a bit exciting because it will be the first time in a year and a half that we will be able to unpack all our stuff which has been in storage the entire time. I'm curious to rediscover what I own!

© Colleen Hilman
In the meantime my friend Laura is attempting to teach me how to knit. How could she have known what she was getting into? I made a little headway, felt proud of myself, made a mistake I couldn't fix, pulled it all out and forgot how to cast on so what you see here is how far I've gotten.

© Colleen Hilman
This photo is a bit painful for me. One week to go and goodbye scrapbook couch and rust-coloured pillows! The one thing that helps me accept this couch is seeing a half smile on each maple leaf in the pattern of the fabric. Every maple leaf should be a happy one but these ones can barely smirk and can you blame them? My elbows break out in bumps whenever I sit on this couch so I can only imagine what they're going through having made their home in its very weave and warp. And I'm not kidding about my elbows. I have to wear long sleeves if I'm going to sit here. Yes, I'm thankful I have something to sit on. Next.

© Colleen Hilman
The sky more than makes up for the couch. It's different every day and I spend lots of time looking out with my head in the clouds - figuratively, literally.

© Colleen Hilman

© Colleen Hilman

© Colleen Hilman

© Colleen Hilman

© Colleen Hilman

© Colleen Hilman

© Colleen Hilman
All of that from this here window.

© Colleen Hilman
Then I write about it here.


Blogger Dickie Chick said...

Hey girl!
Thanks for sharing a piece of your new world. I've missed you so, and have wondered how you are.
How shall I get a hold of you?
Love ya!

26 July 2010 at 08:53  
Blogger Teresa said...

Good luck settling in. Always love your photos.

26 July 2010 at 10:57  
Blogger Scrapnqueen said...

Knitting again? Good luck. May you please the knitting gods enough that they bless your efforts!

I STILL miss some of my stuff that's in storage. I was actually puttering around our SeaCan today, doing some "exchanging" and thinking, "I should blog about this."

It's definitely nice saying hello to all your familiar things again. Yay! I'm glad it's coming soon for you!

27 July 2010 at 23:47  
Blogger Nan said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful skies. I love seeing your interim home. The couch sounds so awful!

28 July 2010 at 15:01  
Blogger agsew627 said...

You are making me miss Yellowknife. It's been 10 years since we left.
Some days I think we should go back; or maybe we never should have left.

30 July 2010 at 19:02  

any questions?

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