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The Pancake Chronicles: camping - part one

The Pancake Chronicles

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

camping - part one

   The first night of camping began not so well, moved on to well, and finally ended in not the wellest at all.  Due to windy weather we couldn't paddle to Plane Crash Island as we'd hoped to so we opted for camping on the mainland instead - a lonely, pretty spot in the sticks.

© Colleen Hilman
Prior to 11 pm we had the world to ourselves, perched on the edge of a river, s'mores a'plenty and nothing but water stories and fire crackle to listen to.

© Colleen Hilman
Post 11 pm we shared that world with fifty (and counting) people who, arriving out of thin air, had planned on not sleeping as loudly and longly as possible, people who thought that one hour before the clock struck twelve was a good time to start a party in the woods.

© Colleen Hilman
Out of the big wide empty land we live in we had chosen a spot next to the Mother of All Bonfire Shindigs.  What could we do?  Pack up, go home, sleep, try again tomorrow.

© Colleen Hilman
... to be continued ....


Blogger Dickie Chick said...

Can't wait to hear more of your adventure!! I love that first photo!

20 July 2011 at 07:28  
Blogger Sonya said...

Ugh. Pretty pictures though.

20 July 2011 at 18:51  
Blogger Rachel said...

A good paddling...hA HA HA!

21 July 2011 at 23:58  
Blogger Colleen said...

Heh heh. :)

25 July 2011 at 13:05  

any questions?

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