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The Pancake Chronicles: away, away from shore

The Pancake Chronicles

Monday, September 05, 2011

away, away from shore

© Colleen Hilman
We sailed today in the rain, wind soft and clouds low.  The rock about the lake's perimeter was shiny, black gun metal.  Our jeans were soaked through but our top halves were warm and dry under hats and raincoats, fleece and life jackets.  We met one other sailboat returning as we started out but from then on it was our lake, our sails.  Eating pecans and flinging banana peel overboard.  Making up sea songs in our big bathtub filling with water, our very own duckie nodding his bill at us away, away from shore.  And the jib flinging drizzle over us as we tack, so we kiss and what does it matter.  I feel it's a secret no one wants to believe (inside eyes peering miserably at black clouds) - everything is better in the rain.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanna sail too :)!!!

XO Kel

5 September 2011 at 11:13  

any questions?

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